At this point in your life, you thought you’d feel free, but instead you’re met with brick walls wherever you turn. You lie awake at night, knowing you want something different, but you can't figure out what it is or how to get there, and you're full of frustration. You've taken the online depression tests and you've looked for help with dealing with anxiety, stress or weight loss. You've tried everything you know to improve your physical and mental health, but life still feels more like a series of sad chores than an adventure. You feel like overall you've got it pretty good - and you wonder why you feel so overwhelmed and anxious.

Therapy can help you create a life of genuine joy.

Counseling helps you understand those parts of you that are keeping you stuck and frustrated. I teach skills to stop anxiety before it becomes an anxiety attack, get clear about your goals in life, improve your physical and mental health and deal with the obstacles that stand in your way.  And using mindfulness methods, I show you beginning in the very first session that immediate relief is possible.

Stressed out in South Windsor CT? Looking for online counseling in Connecticut or New York?

If you're wondering how to deal with your anxiety symptoms, finding a counselor near you is an important first step. Call or email for a free 15-minute consultation and find out how therapy can provide tools to begin living a life you love.


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