A Major Practice Announcement...and Some Real Talk About Burnout

Hello, beautiful people! It is with excitement and gratitude that I am announcing an early retirement from private practice, effective March 31st.

Now, let's have some real talk about burnout.
Over the span of 18 years, I've seen over 800 clients, practiced in 8 different offices, and in 2 separate states.

I kept it on the down low (because that's what we do), but I showed up for work during some of the most challenging times of my life.

As a therapist, I went through 9/11, 2 divorces, Newtown, multiple relationship breakups, one of my children going to jail for a while, and various other life altering personal disasters. I could have taken better care of myself.

But being a good therapist was always the priority, and there were times where it took everything I had. I'm reminded of the time I witnessed a serious car accident on my way to my office. I was running late already, and rather than rescheduling my client, I tried to shut off what I had just witnessed minutes before. If you were that client, I owe you an apology. I wasn't present.

I'm not a cautionary tale (ultimately I was successful at what I did and I'm sure I'll be writing about that in coming weeks), but I do want to encourage my fellow therapists and other healers to take good care to avoid burnout. Every single therapist I know wants to be a good therapist more than nearly anything else. In order to be good at what you do, you must take care of you. In meaningful ways, not just to give "self-care" lip service. And I know if you're burning out, you're feeling ashamed. But listen up: It's not your fault, darlin'.

I'm not sure where my retirement will take me (and I recognize how fortunate I am to have options) but one idea I'm considering is support for therapists at risk of burnout. Stay tuned. And keep in touch.

We have such an important job, y'all. And when things are really difficult, it's a really hard job. I see your struggles and I have mad respect for you. 💛 Now please go do something good for you. Until later...

Rebecca 💕