One of the things I believe with my whole heart is that making time for therapy should not make your life more stressful! Sometimes just getting out of the house to get to your appointment can be an anxiety provoking ordeal for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you have a physical challenge or illness that makes it difficult for you to attend in-person sessions, or you want to fit in a lunchtime session during a busy workday. Or you're a new mom and would love to meet with your therapist while the baby is napping in the next room. Maybe you have a session scheduled on a snowy day and you don't want to travel, but you don't want to miss your appointment. If you're struggling with anxiety and stress and you'd rather meet in the comfort of your own space rather than coming into an office, teletherapy anxiety counseling might be a great option for you.

I use a HIPAA-compliant platform that's super easy for clients (and therapists!) to use and you can access our session from your computer or smartphone. I hold a certificate in Telemental Health & Digital Ethics, ensuring that I provide an ethical, convenient, and safe online space for you to do the important work of counseling.

Teletherapy for anxiety is a great option, but it isn't for everyone. If you'd like to find out more about whether it would be a good fit for you, just give me a call at 860-281-1671 or email me to set up a free 15-minute video consultation so you can check it out.