You know you have so much to offer your clients, but you're feeling stuck. You're really done with agency work, but striking out on your own seems way too scary. Your aunt is saying go for it and your best friend thinks you're nuts. You feel paralyzed, excited, hopeful, and full of dread.

Or perhaps you've been in private practice for a few years and it's going okay. You're finding yourself wondering if there's more to it, though. Maybe you want to attract more clients, or take your practice in a new direction. You're wishing you had more energy and organization to tackle taking it to the next level. You love using your smarts and experience to help people, but you're worried about dropping the ball, or even worse, burning out. Private practice coaching can help you clarify the next steps in your career, and help you meet your goals of creating a rockstar practice that pays the bills and helps you create a life you love.

I've begun 3 successful full-time practices in 2 states, and I've seen well over 700 individuals, couples, and families in private practice. I have the experience and skills you're looking for to help achieve your dream of a private practice that will truly reflect your values and passions. And I absolutely adore helping people change the course of their lives by creating their ideal practices!

Every coaching client begins with the "You've Got This" package ($475), which includes three 1-hour sessions, focusing on values clarification; goal-setting; obstacle-busting; an overview of marketing, networking and practice management; and how to measure your success. After three sessions, you can decide between comprehensive coaching packages that meet your specific needs. Each coaching experience is tailored to you and the types of clients you'd like to serve. 

Ready to rock it?

Call or email to schedule a free 15-minute phone conversation and learn how we can work together to create an awesome practice that both you and your clients will love!